PNA’s Doors are Open to All Filipino Nurses in Need of Assistance

On March 27, 2017, a group of nurses visited the PNA office to ask for assistance regarding their employment to Japan as Care Workers where they were initially not allowed by the POEA. These nurses made a pronouncement that this opportunity will be used as a stepping stone for their intent to become RNs after 3 years in Japan.

With this, the PNA Executive Director Marian G. Santos, MAN, RN issued a letter to the POEA to allow these nurses to pursue their employment in Japan as Care Workers citing the following:

“PNA “does respect the legally ratified provisions of JPEPA”, hence, this means that “legally” it respects the provision that Filipino nurses can go to Japan as Care Workers/ Caregivers if they choose to.”

“And while the stance of PNA is that it only meant to remind POEA that it “does not support circumstances” where Filipino nurses are placed in positions that are not befitting of their dignity as professional nurses.”

The letter, together with other certifications, was forwarded to the POEA, who in turn, allowed the nurses to carry on with their application.


On March 30, 2017, the nurses returned to the PNA Office to personally give their appreciation through food and sincere gratitude.


PNA encourages our nurses to visit our Office if in need of assistance. Our doors are always open for you.


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